Multi-sensor Measuring Systems for kinematic surveying

Systems of Type
KiSS® (Kinematic Survey System) and of
MoSES (Kinematic Road Mapping System)

Performance Feature and Application

  • Trajectory determination with 200 Hz
  • Complete three dimensional movement determination of the surveying platform
  • Max. acquisition speed v = 100 km/h
  • Total survey run length between 100 km/day and 400 km/day depending on the application
  • Relative object accuracy (photogrammetry < 0,05 m, laser scanning < 0,005 m)
  • Absolute position accuracy < 0,02 m
  • Determination of the charcteristics of road and railway networks
  • Surveying of the complete traffic corridor
  • Survey of characteristic objects along those corridors
  • Clearance determination
  • Documentation of the infrastructure of industrial plants
  • General documentation of traffic corridors with high-resolution georeferenced images
  • Determination of road condition
  • Determination of railway condition (lateral and vertical acceleration)
  • Reference for navigation systems of low accuray