Kinematic Laser Scanning

Scanning in motion

Surveying with 3d laser scanners in motion

Kinematic laser scanning is highly effective in surveying elongated objects like roads, bridges, tunnels and big blocks of buildings. Dead corners can be reduced to a minimum by setting up two or more scanners in a smart way. Even at normal speed, a scan frequency up to 100 Hz allows the mapping of the survey corridor with point clouds of adequate resolution and point density.

The data acquisition component of MoSES has been designed especially for kinematic applications. Lossless data recording and precise synchronisation of the scanners with the trajectory module sensors is the key to the highest accuracy level possible. Assuming a aquisition speed of 100 km/h an accuracy of 0,02 m or better can be achieved.

The key benefits of kinematic laser scanning are:

  • Marginal interference with moving traffic
  • Significant savings on working time 
  • Considerably more data
  • Comparable accuracy to static surveying

Kinematic laser scanning offers cost benefits and shorter production time particularly for survey of highways, bridges and tunnels.