High-precision surveying in motion with static measuring accuracy

Applying special evaluation procedures, kinematic surveying results with accuracies comparable to the classical static surveying results can be achieved

Basic data for expansion planning and road surface reconstruction

  • Multiple surveying missions to collect data of complete road sections roads
  • Automatic combination of all individual results to one homogeneous model using an unique matching algorithm
  • Transformation of the complete homogeneous model into the user coordinate system using control points

Determination of three dimensional road surface models

  • Transversal profiles along the road axis
  • Longitudinal profiles parallel to the road axis
  • Flexible point density within each profile
  • Variable profil spacing
  • Selectable profile density, typical values:
      -   1 cm (driving simulation)
      - 20 cm (road surface reconstruction)
      -    1 m (road inventory data)
  • Typical accuracy of a surface model:
    - position < 2 cm
    - height < 5 mm
  • Basis for detailed analysis, like
    - rut depth
    - virtual water depth
    - surface runoff