Technology – Hardware and Software

3D Mapping Solutions GmbH offers modular technology for a variety of kinematic measuring tasks. We plan, realize and implement sensor platforms for various kinematic measuring applications. We offer technical advise and support as well as training courses

Module Trajectory

Determination of 3D position and orientation using a multi-sensor system consisting of inertial measurment unit (IMU), DGPS and linear odometer.

Module Multi Camera Photogrammetry

Multi camera system including calibration and software for precise photogrammetric object determination and object attribute definition.

Module Image Documentation

High-resolution multi camera system for kinematic surveying and documentation.

Module Laser Scanner

Robust laser scanner module for kinematic applications with one or more scanners for digital high definition surveying.

System Integration

  • Robust measuring system
  • Current supply and electrical installations
  • Calibration of sensors and systems