3D Mapping Solutions GmbH offers variety of services:
From kinematic surveying of roads and railways to the acquisition of object data for three dimensional city models to high-resolution DTM-calculation of complex test tracks

Compendium from our catalogue of services

Surveying of large-scale road network

  • Surveying of object data for the navigation and driver assistance systems
  • Surveying of data for road data base or road registries

Surveying of communal road network

  • Surveying of road object data
  • Determination and evaluation of road condition for municipalities

Image documentation of the road corridor

  • Orthophoto documentation of the road surface
  • 360° image documentation

Determination of road condition

  • Derivation of road condition from sensorbased measurements
  • Visual determination of road condition

Basic data for three dimensional city models

  • Survey and derivation of homogenous 3d point clouds
  • Recording of related digital images 

Surveying in motion with static measurement accuracy

  • Survey of basic data for expansion planning and road surface reconstruction especially on highways and roads with heavy traffic
  • Generation of (dense) digital terrain models
  • Automated determination of the transversal profile structure
  • Survey of of test tracks

Kinematic surveying of railway lines

  • Determination of clearance profiles
  • Determination of objects along the railway

Kinematic surveying of tunnels

  • Determination of tunnel geometry
  • Determination of objects inside the tunnel
  • Build-up of tunnel related data bases