About us

3D Mapping Solutions GmbH

3D Mapping high-precision road surface models are used as basis for high-end simulators or simulation applications for all kinds of possible purposes in the field of virtual testing and virtual development. Therefore, 3D Mapping Solutions builds the bridge between real world and the digital twin for testing and simulation applications. High-precision as built-plans are exported into appropriate formats including all objects, attributes and the complete, complex topological structure and thus may be used directly for customer applications.

Examples are the use of high-fidelity maps as in-car reference for autonomous driving developments, simulation for vehicle dynamics development and driving simulation on digital twins of complete road networks.

Already since their university time in 1995 our founders Dipl.-Ing. Martin Lang and Dr.-Ing. Gunnar Gräfe are engaged in kinematic engineering surveying and the development of the associated systems, techniques and software. The resulting company 3D Mapping Solutions GmbH has more than 20 years of experience in the still new field of mobile data acquisition and processing of traffic routes. 3DMS shapes our group of young and creative people, who are motivated and work hand in hand with our customers to fulfill even complicated wishes.

Our quality and flexibility for the market is also our best instrument for customer loyalty: Highly accurate map data as the basis for the future of mobility. And we as the "global player" in this market. 3D Mapping Solutions GmbH owns several in-house MoSES® systems, which are stationed worldwide. Our 3DMS measurement technology can also be mounted on a wide variety of vehicles, such as pick-ups, platform cars, flat cars or even helicopters, using our MMZFS compact systems, which are easier to transport.

Our core areas of work include data acquisition, evaluation and formatting of traffic routes. However, our kinematic measurement methods cannot be compared with classical surveying and its static devices and manual processing. Because of our special equipment, unique methods and lightning-fast synchronisation, unrivalled accuracies (position < 2 cm, height < 5 mm) and a significantly lower error rate can be achieved than with conventional engineering surveying. Due to their highly accurate descriptions of gradients, road widths, intersections, signage, etc., our data are mainly used in vehicle simulation (e.g. prototype optimization and development of autonomous driving in the automotive industry), but can also be used for the digitization of road networks for navigation devices. In addition to the main area of roads, we also offer kinematic measurements in the (underground) railway area or airports, as well as the acquisition of basic data for 3D city models (e.g. for video games), high-resolution DGM calculations of complex test track surfaces for the automotive industry or the inventory of cities and municipalities as a planning basis.

Our primary customers are the automotive industry, public institutions (building authorities, municipalities), simulation and video game manufacturers and private surveying and engineering offices. Our market leadership can be traced back above all to our forward-looking product and its unequalled accurate data paired with the large know-how of our company.