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For our customers the Data Acquisition department is the first point of contact after signing the contract. At this stage the details of the complete surveying are clarified, the desired routes measured and the recorded raw data checked and improved. Under the leadership of Michael Hertrich, the data acquisition team leads the customer through from the surveing process to the optimized data for further processing.

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Once the data has been collected by the Data Acquisition department, the evaluation starts with the calculation of the trajectory by the Geodetic Analytics team headed by Meike Weisensel. Pur post-processing starts with the integration of the measurement data from GNSS, IMU and displacement sensor. The calculated trajectory is then subjected to a number of quality checks and adjustment steps.

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25 employees belong to the HD Maps department. Permanently employed cartographers, geographers and geodesists, but also students, career changers and mini-jobbers, all have the same goal: to produce a high-definition map of the complete road networks. Under the leadership of Philip Paulsteiner, HD Maps models motorways or inner cities in the country and abroad.

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The Software Development department, headed by Sebastian Tuttas, is responsible for the maintenance and further development of the in-house processing software as well as the Road View software, handles long-term development projects and supports the other specialist departments in the short-term implementation of special customer requirements. In addition, concepts for future products are developed, algorithms are developed, and prototyping is carried out. Furthermore, the research projects Robot and Radspot are located here.

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