Our Divisions

Data Acquisition

For our customers the Data Acquisition department is the first point of contact after signing the contract. At this stage the details of the complete surveying are clarified, the desired routes measured and the recorded raw data checked and improved.

The data acquisition team leads the customer through from the surveing process to the optimized data for further processing. All desired aspects are analysed individually and competently, and implemented in the best possible way. The highly variable measurement technology structure and our experienced experts offer you maximum flexibility.

Just two to three weeks after signing the contract, we can usually survey your desired route and regardless of whether it is a road, railway area, tunnel, race track or even helicopter flight: the raw data already represent reality with high precision. Back at 3D Mapping Solutions, this data is then checked for quality, filtered, homogenized and adapted so that further processing methods, such as the creation of surface models, can be built on an excellent basis.

For even more detailed information about our measurement technology, our products and our references, please request our technical description free of charge at sales@3d-mapping.de.