Our Divisions

Geodetic Analytics

Our experts of the Geodetic Analytics department, led by Meike Weisensel, ensure the high quality of the collected data, handle complex projects in the field of engineering surveying and create detailed surface models for various applications.

The evaluation of regular calibrations of our measurement systems form the basis for accurate and high-precision results for all our projects. Within our post-processing, all raw data recorded with the measuring vehicles are subjected to a rigid quality management process in order to ensure an optimal data basis for all further evaluations. From the digital data of traffic corridors, engineering surveying derives various parameters for the planning and control of construction measures, description of the actual state of roads, railway lines and tunnels as well as dimensions of deformations.

Depending on requirements, the results can be made available either as classic plans, orthophotos, point clouds or 3D models.

Digital high-precision road surface models have a wide range of applications in automotive development. They represent an important basis for tire development, noise analysis, driving dynamics and driving comfort simulation. We develop surface models with a relative height accuracy of better than 1mm and raster widths up to 5mm in all common formats such as OpenCRG© for all simulation applications. Furthermore, these models are used in combination with the laser scanner data and the image documentation in realistic driving simulations and computer games.