Vehicle Dynamics and NVH

(Noise Vibration and Harshness)

3D Mapping Solutions speeds up OEM development process for vehicle dynamics and NVH (noise vibration and harshness) by providing high accurate surface models of public roads, proving grounds and race tracks.

When a car rattles or a motorcycle vibrates, it is tiring and annoying. For customers on a test drive, the combination of "noise, vibration, harshness" (NVH) is immediately apparent when they assess the impression of the vehicle. As a result, NVH characteristics are high on the list of factors we use to assess vehicle quality.

But designing with "noise, vibration, harshness" (NVH) in mind is notoriously difficult. The interaction of thousands of components in the structure makes it difficult to predict and target NVH behavior in its entirety. Unlike many other properties, NVH is not easily explained, understood, or communicated through charts, graphs, numbers, and data.

For this reason, NVH simulation is fundamental to vehicle development because it provides the ability to "drive" in realistic scenarios, allowing engineers to subsequently quantify the assessments without the need to create a physical prototype.

3D Mapping Solutions provides the necessary high-precision surface models of public roads, test sites and race tracks for these simulation applications. To make your simulation absolutely realistic, our surface models are highly accurate representations of reality with a relative elevation accuracy of better than 1 mm and grid sizes from 1x1 m to 5x5 mm.

Choose from our worldwide database of driven and measured tracks to find the right one for your project.

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