Inventory data

3D Mapping Solutions is specialized in the high-resolution, absolutely precise recording of traffic routes of all kinds and their surroundings.

Since 1995 we have been developing the necessary technology, software and concepts on our own responsibility and constantly optimizing them.

This enables us to guarantee our customers kinematically obtained measurement results whose accuracy is comparable to that of classical static surveying.

Rigid quality management as an integral part of all our data acquisition and evaluation processes ensures the consistently high quality of our results.

Our service:

  • Complete surveying of traffic networks in customer-specific accuracy levels, optionally with "submeter", "decimeter" and "centimeter" accuracy
  • Capture current road conditions using laser scanner and image data, enabling both mathematical-analytical and visual assessment
  • Provision of current, georeferenced road data
  • Creation of high-resolution, digital road surface models
  • Recording of road networks for vehicle navigation and simulation, road construction administrations and automotive industry
  • Provision of basic data for construction control, expansion planning and ceiling refurbishments

Using unique matching algorithms, all individual results are automatically combined to form a homogeneous overall model.

Specially developed and tested methods allow this model to be adapted to local user coordinate systems using control points.

Depending on the quality of the fitting information, position accuracy in the millimetre range can be achieved.