The measurement technology of 3D Mapping Solutions can also be used in the rail sector without any problems. The variable acquisition of railway or underground networks can be carried out either with the measuring vehicle from a flat car or with the aid of a measuring platform attached to a rail vehicle. Several high-end laser scanners and high-resolution infrared cameras ensure that even tunnel or underground networks can be digitized exactly.

  • Precise determination of objects along the route
  • Flexible sensor configuration
  • Measurement at up to 100 km/h
  • Virtual track control
  • Metrically exact mapping of the splint course using orthophotos

The information derived from scanner and camera data can be used as a basis for accurate as-built plans of the entire railway infrastructure, for the determination of traced axes in accordance with the Ordinance on the Construction and Operation of Trams (BOStrab) or for accurate structural analyses, in particular changes to previous measurements or planning data.
The extracted rail course with high-resolution extracted 3D measurement data to the rail head also enables dynamic analyses of rail vehicles.


The measurement technology of our Mobile Mapping System (MoSES) enables the metrically exact mapping of the roadway or tunnel as an orthophoto. These can be generated from scanner data (maximum resolution 5 x 5 mm pixel size) as well as from camera data (maximum resolution 1 x 1 mm pixel size).


  • Orthophotos can be integrated into any suitable GIS or CAD system.
  • Basis for as-built plans with all objects and facilities
  • Basis for damage documentation, comparisons between previous and current measurements, crack detection