FTire (Flexible Structure Tire Model) is the multi purpose virtual tire software applied and supported by vehicle and tire manufacturers, suppliers, engineering companies, research institutes and universities worldwide.

The physics-based, 3D nonlinear tire simulation model is used in wide spread application fields within most of the important MBS, multi-physics system, and FE environments. Together with sophisticated, stiff and flexible road surface models as well as flexible rim models, and a powerful toolbox for tire and road data processing, FTire is the most comprehensive software package for tire dynamics simulation in the market. It is designed for primary and secondary ride comfort simulations, handling, suspension control system simulation, NVH, prediction of road loads on road irregularities even with extremely short wavelengths, and more. 
FTire runs under hard realtime conditions, both for HiL simulations and in driving simulators. 

The digital surface models provided by 3D Mapping Solutions are key for a wide range of FTire applications especially in the areas of tire development, noise analysis, driving dynamics and driving comfort simulation.

FTire on belgian block


FTire rolling over curbstone


Our surface models with the delivery formats CRG or RGR are used in cosin’s simulation software FTire

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                 Animated Pointcloud: Belgian Block

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