iMAR Navigation GmbH, a German company, is a well-known specialist and innovator on leading inertial systems and solutions for more than 25 years and has extensive long-time experience in conception, development, pro­duction, maintenance and support of inertial measuring, navigation, guidance, stabilization and control systems destined to a wide range of standard and spe­cial applications, for unmanned and manned platforms, in industrial, automotive, aerospace  as well as in defence environment.

3D Mapping Solutions also successfully uses inertial navigation systems from iMAR for its measuring vehicles.

Use of our data

Many car manufacturers rely on iMAR for driverless platform testing and automated driving. iMAR integrated the high-precision data from 3D Mapping Solutions (OpenDrive) into test applications for autonomous driving.

As an example iMAR provides a seamless workflow from OpenDrive and OpenScenario data as input up to the automated trajectory planning and mission execution by highly automated vehicles.

Photos: Two test vehicles navigating the terrain according to a given trajectory on the new proving ground ZalaZONE in Hungary

Photo: Test drive during the PEGASUS Symposium 2019 at the Volkswagen proving gound in Ehra-Lessin, Germany

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