TrianGraphics is specialized on the generation of terrain models for all types of real-time simulations. Besides the service of terrain generation, TrianGraphics develops the modeling solution Trian3DBuilder which brings countless functions to generate geospecific correlated terrains, to generate streets and cities, airports or to prepare databases for sensor applications. Create terrain databases for each kind of application and export to any popular 3D- or logic-format, as OpenFlight, OpenSceneGraph, OpenDrive, Unity, Unreal or FBX.

The workflow, which is adapted to the data from 3D Mapping Solutions, allows highly accurate road models to be combined with other environmental data in order to create the most realistic terrain models in any size, fully featured and ready to be used in driving simulations.

Providing extensive and complex road networks for autonomous driving tests & other applications with top quality and highest efficiency.

Delivering of high-detailed environments in a multitude of formats optimized for real-time rendering.

Creation of comprehensive airports and large-scale databases for flight simulations.

The high-precision data from 3D Mapping Solutions allow triangraphics to integrate the road space into the 3D Terrain Generation Software "Trian3DBuilder" in a high-precision, object-oriented and three-dimensional way

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