funded research projects

3D Mapping Solutions was and is part of a variety of publicly funded research projects and thus helps to shape the mobility of tomorrow. Below you will find examples of our exciting research work.

The aim of the RADSPOT research project is to develop a cloud-based traffic service for health monitoring of traffic routes and highly automated, road-friendly driving. 3D Mapping Solutions measures the selected test tracks for the provision of reference data for road condition analysis.

For the project SAVe 3D Mapping Solutions measures test areas in the inner city of Ingolstadt. After the evaluation and modelling of the data we provide a high resolution reference map as an inventory plan of the area with all logical links.

The @City research project has set itself the goal of making automated driving possible, even within the city, with high information density and simultaneously short reaction times. 3D Mapping Solutions creates the base map.

3D Mapping Solutions will develop a scanning method for the Robot 4.0 project to determine the nominal and actual values of the geometric pavement parameters. This should create the basis for the development of autonomously working, mobile machines.

The aim of StreetProbe is to provide a cost-effective and efficient system for the early detection and recording of road damage and its temporal development throughout the German road network. 3D Mapping Solutions will provide the reference data of the test tracks for the project.

The aim of the PEGASUS research initiative was to develop a generally accepted procedure and corresponding tools for testing highly automated vehicle functions using the example of the motorway chauffeur. In particular, this was intended to prepare the release of highly automated vehicles for the market.

For the project Ko-HAF 3D Mapping Solutions measured and provided high-precision basic data of the test track. In addition, a procedure for updating the map and determining quality was developed.