Proactive video-based use of telecommunication technologies in innovative highway scenarios

Problem statement

The basic idea of the project is to give the driver, and in the case of highly automated vehicles the vehicle itself, as comprehensive a view as possible of the route ahead.


Project objective

Forward vision should be reliable, robust, and situationally appropriate, and should significantly exceed the vision of an individual driver or vehicle without overloading the driver with too much information. It shall be possible during day and night and also in adverse environmental conditions.



The complex image of the environment on which foresight is based is generated with the aid of sensors on the road (e.g., cameras, radar) and with sensors in the networked vehicles (e.g., cameras, lidar) and communicated via the connecting mobile network. In computer systems of the infrastructure (backend), data fusion processes are used to generate a "digital twin" that is as accurate as possible and up-to-date at all times. All information relevant to the vehicle can be derived from this twin. This enables visualization in conventional and partially automated vehicles. This information makes a significant contribution to the control of highly automated vehicles.

Tasks 3D Mapping Solutions

The task of 3D Mapping Solutions was to create a reference map in OpenDrive format for an almost 34 km long section of the A9 from fortriss, via Garsching Süd to AK München Nord.

Project duration
12/2016 – 06/2019

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