Cooperative cloud-based road condition monitoring

Problem statement

An international study shows that the savings potential for road maintenance through precise localization and early damage repair can be up to 40%. With a conservative estimate of approx. 10%, this would correspond to annual savings of approx. 560 million euros for the German road network with a length of 626,000 km.

A major obstacle to the targeted early repair of road damage is the lack of up-to-date information on the development of damage in the road network. The methods used to date for the early detection of damage, such as measurement runs and inspections, are either expensive, inaccurate or generate a high level of effort at high update rates. For this reason, the project will develop and test a system that enables early damage detection and monitoring of the road network.


Project objective

The aim of the StreetProbe funding project is to provide a cost-effective and efficient system for the early detection and recording of road damage and its development over time throughout the German road network. This is intended to reduce maintenance costs and future investment expenditure for the German road network, and to increase the performance and safety of roads and the satisfaction of road users.



The approach pursued by StreetProbe uses the sensor technology already present in modern vehicles to record road conditions. The aggregation of this sensor data and its targeted evaluation enable an area-wide and timely road condition assessment and early identification of road damage.

A first step in the project is the creation of a catalog of road damage that can be detected with the sensor technology in production vehicles. For this purpose, road condition data will be recorded with test vehicles and transmitted to a cloud for analysis. The function of the entire system is verified by comparing the results with reference data from a test track.

In the next step, the processed and evaluated cloud data is made available to a pavement management system and smart services for the implementation of comfort and safety functions in the automotive sector.

Tasks 3D Mapping Solutions

3D Mapping Solutions specializes in the high-precision kinematic acquisition of road data and will provide the reference data of the test and trial sections for the ZEB project in a ZEB-compliant manner. In addition, suitable data formats will be derived that either directly contain the state variables of the transverse evenness as well as the longitudinal evenness for any longitudinal profiles or transfer the associated elevation data or relative elevation differences as a basis for the evaluation of the state variables.

In the StreetProbe project, 3D Mapping sees the possibility of making high-resolution measurement data usable for large-scale applications in automated form. For this purpose, methods for the automation of road surface evaluation have to be developed. Efficient, automated evaluations open up new business areas for 3D Mapping Solutions.

Project duration
03/2016 – 02/2019

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