Ultra HD Maps

Ultra HD Maps

3D Mapping Solutions specializes in high-precision and high-resolution mapping of road networks, test and race tracks as well as proving grounds and is a global leader in this field.

We create high-precision reference maps as a basis for user-specific developments, for advanced ADAS or driving development, test and validation applications for autonomous driving.

By creating a digital twin we are the bridge between the real and the digital world.


Our HD maps are not limited to the roadway area, but can also include visible objects in the adjacent areas and lanes, sidewalks and bike paths next to the roadway.

Features extracted from the survey, such as track model, markings, guardrails, signage or traffic signals, are merged into our highly accurate map. The relative accuracy of the generated map is in the range of 1-3 cm for all objects and < 1 cm on the roadway. The entire topology and logic of the road network, including all traffic signs and objects, is mapped in our map.


Based on our high-resolution Ultra HD maps, a wide range of application possibilities exist:

REFERENCE MAP Use of our Ultra HD Maps as reference maps during in-vehicle testing and for simulation in all common simulation applications. We support various HD Map data formats, e.g. OpenDrive, Road5, etc..
QUALITY CHECK Analysis and quality check of existing or future series map data based on our high-resolution HD map data. The quality comparison can take place selectively or on large-scale map data, e.g. freeway networks, or on all road categories (freeway, rural road, city center). 3D Mapping Solutions has developed a sophisticated concept for this purpose.
QUICK-UPDATES Existing Ultra HD maps can be updated quickly and precisely at regular intervals using a specially developed rapid process. The result is a brand-new map with a defined validity date that is only a few weeks, usually 2 to 4, behind at the time of delivery.
SIMULATION Based on our highly accurate map data, 3D environment models can be created through us for simulations or driving simulator applications, e.g. in Unity, Unreal or fbx format. 3D Mapping Solutions supports the creation of 3D environment models for any desired level of detail. The environment models are created to match the highly accurate reference map, e.g. in OpenDRIVE.
VALET PARKING Ultra HD Maps for parking lots and parking garages as a basis for Automated Valet Parking.
GENERATION OF SCENARIOS Scenarios can be accurately extracted from our measurement images and displayed in relation to our high-resolution HD maps.
KI Validation of AI learning data using our high-resolution HD Maps.

Furthermore, the process chain of 3D Mapping Solutions is open for the processing of data from other sources, be it official road data, GIS data or existing mapping survey data from other companies. Analogous to our own imagery data, we can also create reliable, meaningful HD maps from this data, which are only limited by the quality and content of the base data.

If required, we can generate digital road surface models for all our Ultra HD Maps. These serve as the basis for perfect simulation of vehicle excitations for vehicle dynamics and sensor simulation. The road surface models include intersections and traffic circles where applicable, making OpenDrive problems with overlapping lanes in intersection areas a thing of the past in the new OpenDrive versions. For more information on our surface models, click here.

The complexity of the ultra HD Map data is a USP for 3D Mapping Solutions and guaranteed by a rigid quality management.

The production of perfect digital twins of complex real road networks is based on:

  • many years of expertise in CAD and in-house software- development and
  • automated, semi-automated and manual processes



Our Ultra HD Maps are used as:

  • high-precision reference in the vehicle
  • Basis for practical testing of autonomous driving functions
  • Basis for sensor validation in simulation
  • Basis for testing autonomous driving functions in simulation