Ultra HD Maps

Ultra HD Maps

3D Mapping Solutions specializes in high-precision and high-resolution mapping of road networks, test and race tracks as well as testing grounds and is a global leader in this field.

We create high-precision reference maps as a basis for user-specific developments, for advanced ADAS or driving development, test and validation applications for autonomous driving.

  • By creating a digital twin we are the bridge between the real and the digital world.
  • Features extracted from surveying such as lane boundaries, markings, crash barriers or signs and traffic lights are combined in our high-precision map.
  • The relative accuracy of the generated map is in the range of 1-3 cm.
  • Our map shows the entire topology and logic of the road network including all traffic signs and objects.

The complexity of the ultra HD Map data is a USP for 3D Mapping Solutions and guaranteed by a rigid quality management.

The production of perfect digital twins of complex real road networks is based on:

  • many years of expertise in CAD and in-house software- development and
  • automated, semi-automated and manual processes

Export is possible into established formats like OpenDrive, Road5 or customer defined formats.



Our Ultra HD Maps are used as:

  • high-precision reference in the vehicle
  • Basis for practical testing of autonomous driving functions
  • Basis for sensor validation in simulation
  • Basis for testing autonomous driving functions in simulation