For many years IPG Automotive and 3D Mapping Solutions have been working together very successfully in the following areas:

  • Generation of digital road models for CarMaker from 3D Mapping Solutions measurements on real tracks
  • Integration of surface models (e.g. OpenCRG) in CarMaker

We create high-precision HD Maps as a basis for the simulation applications ROAD5 and CarMaker.


Extraction of all abject information like traffic signs, markings, guide posts etc. of our camera- and scannerdata


Creation of a vectorized 3D map, using CAD system including the complete, complex topological structure


Export the precise as-built-plan into ROAD5 format, which can be used directly for customer applications in CarMaker

Examples for the use of our high-precision data in ROAD5 format for CarMaker

Format ROAD5 for CarMaker Testfield A9 for autonomous driving
by courtesy of IPG Automotive